24 Elf on the Shelf Ideas

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Can you believe it’s December already?! This year has seriously flown by. I’m so excited for the holiday season. It’s truly my favorite time of year. We didn’t have many traditions growing up, so it was always important for me to establish some with my children. One common tradition that many families share is Elf on the Shelf. I’m not going to lie, Tappy Ats (my girl’s Elf) has been wonderful at keeping the girls on their best behavior. It’s a win-win for us all! With that being said, here are 24 Elf on the Shelf ideas! Some of these are from some of my awesome mommy blog friends. Make sure to check out their pages!

1 – Make a Big Entrance

Our Elf found himself in a tricky situation upon arrival. Luckily, Peter Quill was there to save him

2 – Personalize!

What kid doesn’t like seeing their name? Such a fun way to bring the holiday spirit. I love how happy Jamie’s kids look.

3 – Treats

My girls frequently found their Elf with a special treat for them. On this occasion, our dog made it to the treats first.

4 – Take the Elf on an Adventure

Touching the Elf is a big no no, but kids can take them on an adventure for the day by putting them in a Ziploc bag or tumbler like Hilton Head Moms did.

5 – Incorporate their Favorites

Maddie used to LOVE Wonder Woman. I’m not sure what is going on in this picture, but it sure excited the girls!

6 – Elf Play Dates

How cute are these two sharing a cup of cocoa? Do you have multiple elves? Try out this idea like Lucie did.

7 – Movie Night

Let their Elf enjoy their favorite movie with them

8 – Sticky Situations

Not only are these moments fun, but they also help develop problem solving skills. How did the Elf get here and how do we help him? Awesome idea, Jamie.

9 – Christmas Bows

If you’re anything like us, you have tons of bows laying around. This was one of Maddie’s favorite scenes!

10 – Games

There are tons of cute accessories and games available online for your Elf. Boots Bows and Beaches’ Elves had a good time playing Elf Twister

11 – Group Activities

Maddie used to love her LOL Surprise Dolls. They’re all having a bit of girl talk here

12 – Adult Fun

I understand some people get stressed with Christmas expectations. Find a way to make it fun for everyone like Lucie. I know my husband would appreciate this.

13 – Sick Elf

The girls and their Elf had a bit of a cold last year. This made everyone feel better.

14 – Balloon Fun

This idea from Boots, Bows and Beaches is so simple, yet so fun!

15 – Story Time

Introduce a new Christmas Book during animal story time.

16 – Hot Chocolate

My Brave Bookshelf thought of a fun way to invite her littles to make some hot cocoa.

17 – Holiday Mischief

Maddie was so upset that Tappy Ats made this big mess with sprinkles and candy! A little mischief is okay.

18 – Kringle Construction

Break out all of those Tonka Trucks like Jamie and have some fun!

19 – Just Relaxing

This could be done with several items, gummy bears, M & Ms or chips.

20 – Shopping Spree

Dust off those home kitchen sets and supplies that your kids don’t use anymore. Find a way to make it fun again like Lindsay did..

21 – Family Ties

A beautiful way to capture how important family is. I’ve also seen Elves looking at a nativity, pointing out the true meaning of Christmas. In the Saltbox had some awesome ideas for her Elves.

22 – Big Surprise

Your Elf can be an awesome way to spring a surprise on your kids. Whether it’s a family trip to the zoo or a surprise trip to Disney, this is a way to make it special! Great idea, Jamie!

23 – Soaring and Exploring

Placing your Elf in a vehicle is another way of letting the kids “play” with their Elf without actually touching them. I love Mommy Ocean’s idea.

24 – Reindeer Food

Let your Elf help the kids make reindeer food. I don’t know why this is so magical, but it’s my girl’s favorite thing to do.

These are just a few ideas from me and some of my friends. There are so many more out there! I’d love to hear and see some ideas from you all. Happy Holidays!

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