30 Day Minimalism Challenge

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Prior to all of my recent research, I really thought minimalists were the people who bought tiny homes.  They were the ones who had the white walls without a single picture hanging.  You know, all of the straight lines. No character!  Right? I was so wrong.

I initially created this challenge in 2018. Despite being ridiculously busy then, I able to complete half of it. I’ve made some serious lifestyle changes since then. I stopped my small businesses as a photographer and crafter. Also, I’m no longer working at the hospital. I was really tired of the 12-14 hour shifts. My kids were sleep when I left and sleep when I got home most days. Not to mention the physical toll this job took on my body. I stayed at a job I didn’t like for so long simply because we “needed” the money. But did we? So now I’m at a job with less pay, but much better hours. My work-life balance is amazing. I spend so much more time with my children and when I’m ready to pick up my side hustles again, I’ll have the time to do so.

Over the past couple of years I have learned a ton about living a minimal, more present lifestyle.  Pinterest, of course, has been a very helpful source of knowledge.  It has linked me to some great podcasts, YouTube channels and other bloggers that discuss all of the benefits of minimalism. Right now I’m really enjoying the gals at Edit Your Life. Their podcast has been super helpful on this journey to minimalism.

We have accumulated so much stuff. It’s been therapeutic to watch it dwindle as a I slowly get rid of things. Less clutter means I get to spend less time managing the clutter. I’ve found that I’m much happier when there is less to maintain. What mom wouldn’t be?

And lastly, we want our children to remember experiences and create memories.  Physical items fade, but memories last a lifetime.  By buying less stuff and removing excess from our home, we free up time, money and energy to participate in activities.  To take trips.  To enjoy one another.  So join me as we hop on this journey to minimalism.  We are kicking it off with a 30 Day Minimalism Challenge.  Follow me on Instagram for updates and to help hold one another accountable. I also threw in a few self care activities to enjoy along the way. I hope you participate with me! Share with a friend! Feel free to message me and I can send you a copy of the PDF.

Do you have any minimal tips you try to implement? How are you working towards being more present?

30 Day Minimalism Challange

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