5 Improvements I want to make in 2019

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Initially, I started to make this post about things I wanted to leave in 2018.  Instead, I am going to be more positive and talk about things I want to improve on in 2019.  I know what you’re thinking, another “new year, new me” post. That’s exactly what this is!  I have made the mistake in the past of not setting goals for myself in the new year.  I’ve found that if I don’t set a goal for myself, I tend to settle for less than I deserve and not grow as well.



This is the first time my kitchen has been completely clean in months.  I admit it.  I’m going to be more intentional about the state of my home and car.  I’ve noticed that I’m raising messy children because I’m messy! Even though its because I just don’t have time to keep everything up, I need to make more of an effort.  Honestly, I’ve found that I’m happier and less stressed when my environment is neater.  Right now, all the laundry is washed, most is put away, and the kitchen and bathrooms are all clean.  I’m not stressing as much about the bedrooms, though.  I plan to get to those this weekend.  I’m even doing a decluttering challenge this month to help.  What are your tips to keeping up with housework with smaller children in the home? Doesn’t it seem impossible?

Health and Wellness


Prior to having kids, I used to love working out, especially running.  I used to make smoothies and fresh juice.  I loved trying new, healthy recipes.  I even did some meal prepping.  Who has time for that with kids?! However, I need to be more intentional and make healthier decisions to set a better example for my girls.  Madeline is a horrible eater, but I can’t get mad at her when I tend to miss meals for their sake.  So many times, I’ll spend hours making a nice dinner, but not get to eat simply because I am busy feeding them and then getting them ready for bed.  My goal is to not only start working out again, but to incorporate my children as well.  Since I’m the main cook, I also want to start making healthier recipes for the girls instead of just making something I know they’ll eat.  Who wants to hop on this journey with me? Do you have any healthy, kid friendly recipes that you want to share?



Since the birth of my first child, I’ve struggled with anxiety issues. It has gotten better over this past year.  Strangely, I’ve had less anxiety since having my second child.  I attribute this to many things, such as starting a mommy group and feeling more support, and simply being too busy to have time to worry about the what-ifs.  However, I feel that it’s trying to show its ugly face again.  Most of my anxiety right now stems from my future.  Increasing marital issues have left me struggling a bit with anxiety.  We all know the biggest what-if regarding marriage, but that’s another story.  I guess in order to address my anxiety, I must tackle the origin.  One step at a time.



6 years ago, I was the strongest in my faith that I’d ever been. I would read and pray every morning and usually multiple times a day.  I had a group of people I’d send daily bible verses to.  I was friends with some amazing women of God on social media.  Now, I’m at the lowest low in my faith.  I had a dear friend pass a couple of years ago.  A very young and vibrant girl.  It honestly just sent me spiraling spiritually.  Why didn’t God save her? The world needed her.  So many people did.  After that, it was just one thing after another that I let set me back.  With kids, school, work and other commitments, I just didn’t prioritize my time with God like I used to.  Before, I’d go through great lengths to get in time with Him and had such a strong relationship with Him because of it.  Above is a picture of me doing what I did daily.  Now, I don’t even want to go to church, let alone think about praying.  I definitely feel lost in my faith right now and don’t know how to get back on track. Truly. Today is actually the first day of a challenge in a group that I’m in, in which we read the bible in one year.  I hope taking this first step will help me recover.  Losing my faith has definitely had the worst impact on my life.  My friendships are suffering.  My marriage is suffering.  Honestly, I’m suffering.  Have you gone through something similar?  What helped you get out of your spiritual rut?

Keep your servant also from willful sins; may they not rule over me.  Then I will be blameless, innocent of great transgression.  Psalm 19:13 NIV



Lastly, I want to help my family grow in financial wisdom.  I can honestly say that my parents did not teach us anything about money growing up.  My mother lived off of credit cards.  She definitely didn’t have a savings account and she still doesn’t to this day.   I never understood the value in having a good credit score and paying bills on time.  Fast forward 30 years, we are in debt.  By the end of 2019, I want to be debt free, with the exception of student loans and our home.  So this mama will be getting all the overtime.  I want my children to understand financial freedom and not live paycheck to paycheck.  I want to equip them with the proper tools to be successful, thriving adults that make smart financial decisions.

So hopefully, my resolutions resonated with you and you will join me on this year of growth.  We are going to be happier and healthier. We won’t be slaves to our anxiety.  We’re going to attempt to work on our marriages.  We’re going to work on getting out of debt.  We are going to take better care of our blessings by keeping our homes cleaner.  Lastly, we are going to grow in our faith. The first step is simply committing.

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