The Teething Struggle

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The Teething Struggle

Teething is like childbirth. You forget how awful it is until you go through it again. With my first baby, we were just lost. We had no clue what would help until it was almost over. This time, we knew what to do! Here are my top tips for making it through teething with your sanity intact.

Note: This is what is working for us. Every child is different. What works for us may not work for your little one.  

Mia is almost 13 months old now and still only has 2 ½ teeth! Her 3rd just cut last week. Luckily, it wasn’t as bad as the first 2 since I had a good regimen in place.

Firstly, I medicate her at night when she gives me signs that she has a tooth trying to cut. Most of us know these signs all too well: bulging gums, increased drooling, teething rash, fever, irritability, fussiness and/or diarrhea. (Don’t always write these symptoms off as teething.  Check with your pediatrician when necessary.)  We alternate between Tylenol and Motrin, but I have found that Motrin lasts longer and works faster for us.


Second, I love her amber teething necklace from Beaming Amber Sun. I’m one of those people who like to research everything.  I want to know everything about a product, especially before my child uses it.  I found out some pretty cool facts about Baltic amber.  Amber has actually been used for centuries, especially in Europe, for its anti-inflammatory properties. That’s why it is thought that it decreases the inflammation of the gums that is associated with teething.  I also recently learned that Baltic amber is believed to help relieve eczema. My 4-year-old struggles terribly with eczema, so why not try it for her, also? We have the beautiful Butter Amber Teething Necklace with Rutilated, Strawberry and Lavender Quartz from Beaming Amber Sun.  I can’t tell you how many compliments we have gotten on how lovely it is.  As beautiful as it may be, it is even more helpful in our struggle with teething.  I could tell a huge difference in her attitude when she started wearing it. She wasn’t as fussy or clingy during the day when she had a tooth cutting. She doesn’t drool nearly as much as Maddie did when she was teething, nor is she anywhere near as irritable.  I wonder if one of these necklaces would help with my irritability?


Note: You can order a teething bracelet or wrap a necklace around your little one’s ankle to decrease choking risks.  Mia wears hers as a necklace 24/7 because I feel it is safe for her to do so.  Do what you feel is best. 

Lastly, we have started using essential oils in my household. I was never a person that used them for holistic purposes. I would only use them to make the house smell nice. But now, I am truly a believer in their benefits. Every night, I add lavender and eucalyptus oil to our diffuser in the bedroom while the girls take a bath. This gives it time to spread throughout the room. Lavender oil is believed to be calming, help with anxiety and improve sleep quality.  Eucalyptus oil is a great decongestant.  It works great to help with her runny nose and stuffiness that can be associated with teething. Did you know it also supposedly helps improve immunity as well? I wonder if this is one of the reasons why Mia doesn’t get sick often?  It truly has been a game changer!

Overall, I don’t think one thing over the other has been more helpful, but that in combination we have found a great regimen to get us through teething.  For a long time, I had forgotten what it was like to sleep for more than 2 hours at a time.  Today, I counted what looks like 3 teeth cutting and it doesn’t seem like it is phasing her at all.

I’d love to hear what has worked well for your teething little one.  I’d particularly love to hear about your experiences with amber jewelry!  Are there any mamas out there that wear it for your health benefits?

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